Construct validity of language independent functional evaluation as used by Spanish-speaking clinicians to evaluate persons with developmental delays.


OBJECTIVE This study aimed to establish the utility of Language Independent Functional Evaluation (LIFE) as used by clinicians. DESIGN This study was a prospective trial involving 100 Spanish-speaking rehabilitation clients between the ages of 9 and 45 yrs with cognitive disability and 2 rehabilitation clinicians who cared for them at a Colombian inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation facility. Clinicians who had worked with clients for more than 2 mos rated their function using the LIFE and the Spanish-translated Barthel index. RESULTS Overall LIFE scores correlated well with Barthel scores (r[98] = 0.793, P < 0.0001) and also on an item-to-item basis in all activities except grooming, bowel continence, and bladder continence. CONCLUSIONS The LIFE is a reliable tool for clinicians to use in the assessment of persons with cognitive disability, regardless of the clinician's language.


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