Deteriorating epilepsies: severely deteriorated cases.

  • Tomio Onuma
  • Published 1990 in The Japanese journal of psychiatry and neurology


A total of 28 cases of severely deteriorated epileptic patients were seen at out- and inpatient services in the past 12 years. In 22 out of these 28 cases, the etiology for the deterioration was considered to be due to either repetitive intractable seizures or antiepileptic drugs (AEDs) or both. Although differential diagnoses were difficult in many cases as to the responsible causes, namely seizure vs. AEDs, it was considered in 6 cases that AEDs took a major role in their deterioration. Details of such cases are presented. Special emphasis was made to the fact in which they frequently showed episodes of acute or ataxia and confusion often associated with febrile illness. They took a course of acute or subacute exacerbation and partial remission. Discussion was held on the nature and possible avoidance of these deteriorations.


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