Rehabilitation robot for unimanual and bimanual training of hemiparetic subjects


The goal of the study is the development and testing of a bimanual training system that stimulates the use of both arms of hemiparetic subjects using both bimanual and unimanual training exercises. The adaptive assistance controller adjusts the help of the unaffected arm, thus reducing the load on the paretic arm. Hemiparetic subjects performed three different tracking exercises in both bimanual mode and in two unimanual modes. In bimanual mode the patient uses the unaffected limb to initiate and guide the movement. By comparing the results of bimanual training with the unimanual performance (with paretic or unaffected limb) we can assess the affects of the bimanual training. High and significant correlation between bimanual training and unimanual performance was observed. The training resulted in improvements of motor performance.


9 Figures and Tables

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